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Benefits of IIChE Members

The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) is the apex professional body of chemical engineers in India. It has a membership of about fifteen thousand including Corporate Members and Student Members. There are forty-one Regional Centres and forty-seven Student Chapters of the Institute in different parts of India. The Institute represents the chemical engineering profession in India. Many members of the Institute serve on various technical committees of the Government of India and of chemical and allied industries. Here are some of the benefits that a member of the Institute enjoys.

  • Since IIChE is the recognized forum of chemical engineers in India, membership of the Institute itself is considered as a professional accomplishment of a person.
  • A member can join numerous seminars, symposia, workshops, training programmes, special lectures, industry visits and other professional activities. Participation in such programme is either free or may involve a subsidized fee.
  • A corporate member is eligible to contest in the annual election to the 25-member Council, which is the highest policy-making body of the Institute.
  • IIChE has an active consultancy programme. An interested member may seek and get help from the Institute in his endeavour to offer consultancy services to potential industrial customers.
  • A member of the Institute may have membership of many similar institutes in other countries at a reduced fee
  • A member can join the four-day Annual Professional Meet called CHEMCON on a subsidized fee.
  • Various professional meets organized by IIChE acts as a forum for interaction and networking of the professionals
  • The student members may join as member of seminars specifically meant for them and can participate in a number of competitions like essay competition, quiz competition, best paper award, etc. One of such popular seminar is SCHEMCON which is organized by one of the IIChE Student Chapters every year.
  • IIChE is a member of the Engineering Council of India, which is responsible to award the ‘professional engineer’ status to a competent person. As such, the corporate members of IIChE will have the advantage of getting the ‘professional engineer’ status on fulfillment of specified criteria.
  • A corporate member may be nominated to various government and non-government bodies in different areas, if found suitable.

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